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This web page provides the free online resources available with The Solar System ebook

It is well known fact that converting a home, business or RV (Recreational Vehicle / Caravan) to use solar energy can save on utility charges or hook-up fees, is greener and is something many of us can do to reduce global warming.

What many people do not know is how to correctly size a solar system to meet their energy needs.

If your aim is to reduce your energy charges and save money; then having a solar system that is sized/designed to meet your requirements as closely as possible will not only reduce your installation costs but it will also help you to recoup the installation costs quicker. If a solar system is larger than required not only will it increase the installation costs but it will also substantially increase the payback period.

In order to use the calculator please log in using the log in details provided when you ordered your The Solar System ebook. If you have not ordered your copy yet please Click here to get your copy. The The Solar System ebook contains important information you need to know about different solar systems and how to use the calculator to correctly size a solar system to meet your needs. If you have your log in information please Click here (you can also request a new password if required).

Welcome to the online solar system calculator for the The Solar System ebook

As detailed in the ebook that you ordered there are numerous ways to connect up a solar system. Some of the options are more efficient than others. Here we assume that you will be using one of the most efficient options where the solar panels are connected to a MPPT charge controller that will be connected to one or more inverters and an optional battery(ies). This option tends to be more efficient than a system where DC solar energy is converted into AC and then converted back into DC to charge any batteries.

The calculator is divided into a series of steps. Starting from establishing your energy usage and solar irradiance at your installation location to finding how many solar panels (and optionally how many batteries) and other components are required.

Some of the steps include information relating to solar systems directly connected to the grid. If your system is not directly connected to the grid this information will provide you with an indication of the savings in relation to a grid tied system.

If you need independent help or advice on a new solar system or to improve an existing solar system click here to contact us

The steps are:-

The grayed steps require previous steps to be completed or confirmed.

There are also some optional settings such as displaying detailed help tips / information under each input field making it easier to use for first time users.

Settings and options

Changing the options and settings is optional however displaying the tips is recommended for new users, with touch screen devices.

This page includes additional help information and tips for the various steps and the data input fields. Where a More... button is shown detailed information can be displayed by clicking ot tapping the More... button. This can be hidden by clicking on the More... or Less buttons. Additional tips for most input fields are available for most input that on devices with mouse/trackpad can be displayed by hovering over the red ?. For devices with a touch screen you can tap on the red ?. Note on some devices this also scrolls to the top of the page. If your device scrolls to the top of the page each time you tap on a red ? check the Show tips check box and click on the UPDATE button to show the tips under the fields.

Step 1

Estimate the energy usage per month from annual usage

Note, skip this step if you have the actual monthly energy usage. Click here to go to Step 2

If you do not have specific energy usage for each month of the year. This calculator will estimate the monthly variations based on the hemishere and some typical usage.

Note, Clicking on the CONFIRM / UPDATE button will automatically calculate and update the estimated Monthly energy usage data in Step 2

Step 2

Monthly energy usage

If you have the actual energy usage per month then input the values below. If you do not have this information use the form above (Step 1) to generate some estimated values from your annual usage and the heating and cooling percentages.

Please note, if you use more than one energy source you can either design the solar system to replace just the electrical energy or the electrical and other energy usage. There are two ways to input the current usage data. Option 1 is to enter the total monthly usage in the Input your total ELECTRICAL energy usage in kWh for each month. Option 2 is to set (check) Show the Gas (or other) energy usage fields in the Settings and then enter the other energy usage in the Input your total GAS (or other) energy usage in kWh for for each month that is displayed below when Show the Gas (or other) energy usage fields is checked. In either case the solar system will be based on the total monthly energy usage provided.

Monthly electrical energy usage

Daily energy variation

To view the next step, check and the information in step 2 and click on the CONFIRM/UPDATE or UPDATE button for step 2

Note, if you do not have the Monthly energy usage information required for step 2; compleate the fields in step 1 and click on the CONFIRM/UPDATE or UPDATE button for step 1.

Then after checking the information in Step 2 click on the CONFIRM/UPDATE or UPDATE button for step 2.

Additional information

How to measure the charge state of a LiFePo4 battery Click here

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