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How to videos / courses / products and services Getting Started As A Joint Venture Partner


Get Started As A Joint Venture Partner - Step by step

These step by step instructions cover how you can get started as a Joint Venture Partner

You can be set up and running in just a few minutes. If you would like more information about our Joint Venture Partnership Program before you start you can read the Joint Venture Partner - Overview above and click on Read more to display the additional information or if you have an issue that is not covered you can contact us.

  • Step 1) If you are not currently a member Click here to Join or hover over JOIN/LOGIN in the menu bar above and click on JOIN. If you have joined but not logged in Click here to go to step 4 and Login.

  • Step 2) Enter your name and email address (Please note, as some people have had issues when using a yahoo email address we recommend using a different provider such as gmail) and the code shown. Then click on the REGISTER button.

  • Step 3) Open your email inbox, look for the confirmation email and click on the confirmation link. If you do not see your confirmation email in your inbox after a few minutes please check your other folders such as Spam as some email applications are not smart and put valuable emails in spam. If this is the case on your email application ensure that you white list our email address. We will not send you spam. Registered members can manage their account.

  • Step 4) Log-in, using the email you provided and the password provided in your confirmation email. Click here to Login

  • Step 5) After you have Logged in, hover over YOUR AREA and click on YOUR PROFILE. Click here to visit your profile

  • Step 6) In the Your Paypal email address field, enter the account email address where payments are to be made. If you do not currently have a paypal account, click here and create one now. After entering your Your Paypal email address click on the SUBMIT button.

  • Step 7) After the page refreshes you will see the following heading Your Joint Venture links are:- followed by either a message to contact us to enable your Joint Venture Partnership Program or a list or the products with your own dedicated affiliate links.

  • Step 8) The final step is to share your Your Joint Venture links. Obviously the more places you share your Your Joint Venture links the more your can earn. You can use either FREE or PAID advertising to drive traffic to your sales page(s). In general properly targeted adverts work better. This is where the people reading your advert will be interested in the product you are advertising. You can also use the How to improve Your Lifestyle for cheap / untargeted traffic. If you have any questions on this please email us for help. Remember, you are not allowed to use spam to promote your Your Joint Venture links, you will get banned and loose your commissions if you violate our Terms & Conditions

Working as a Joint Venture Partner

As a Joint Venture Partner we will be helping each other; the products, website hosting, your shop and the administration of these are all done for you as part of the "Done for you Business". As mentioned you will be doing some marketing (sharing your unique Joint Venture Partner links) and earning a share of the sales.

Customer refunds
It does not matter how big or small a business is, occasionally a customer will ask for a refund. If a customer requests a refund for one of your direct sales (where the customers payment is instantly paid into your Paypal account) you will need to process the refund. Any other sales refunds will be handled without you needing to take any action.

There are a number of reasons why customers request a refund including:-

  • The customer is not happy with the product.
  • The customer is fraudulently claiming the money back.

In order to minimise refunds requests we ask the customer to provide the reasons for requesting a refund. If we find there is a product issue we will review the issue if possible resolve the problem (in which case a refund may no longer be required) or remove the product from the shop if there is a genuine issue with the product that cannot be resolved. If there is no reason for the refund request we can try to block the customer from placing future orders.

If you would like more information about our Joint Venture Partnership Program Click Here and click on the Read more link or if you have an issue that is not covered you can contact us

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Healthy diet: healthy body

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This health book has been written in an easy-to-follow language and is for anyone wishing to have a healthier life. So is ideal for people who may be confused or intimidated by medical and scientific terminology.

Did you know that a radically abnormal body weight (both underweight and overweight) can damage your health? Do you feel confused about cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar? Or do you just ignore the publicity and hope for the best?

Surveys have revealed that over 50% of radically underweight and overweight people don't realise they are potentially shortening their lives, and that their doctors never discuss it with them.

I will explain in easy-to-understand words and illustrations, how and why things go wrong with our health, and how to avoid life-limiting pain and disability. I will tell you things you may not WANT to know, but NEED to know about the best way to improve and maintain your health, and how to avoid becoming another health statistic.

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