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How to videos / courses / products and services Free Viral Traffic Generator Tool - How to videos / courses / products and services

Free Viral Traffic Generator Tool

Free viral traffic generator tool.

Free viral traffic generator tool.


The Free Viral Traffic Generator Tool will multiply your website traffic, generating more free visitors. The benefits include:-
1) Increasing your website visitors.
2) Increasing your profits.
3) Reducing cost per lead.
And More, much more.


About the Free Viral Traffic Generator Tool version 2.0

The Free Viral Traffic Generator Tool is a powerful marketing tool that can create you a huge amount of FREE viral traffic.

Some of the key benefits are listed below.

1) Who can use the Free Viral Traffic Generator Tool?

The Free Viral Traffic Generator Tool can be used by individuals, businesses and organisations to generate more website traffic for free. As long as you have an online presence it can work for you. Even a bricks and mortar business can use it by just creating a simple website or other web presence that can be done for free.

2) What does the Free Viral Traffic Generator Tool do?

It helps anyone with a website or web presence multiply their visitors automatically for FREE. More visitors can generate more sales, more brand awareness, more donations or information shares etc.

3) How does it generate more FREE viral traffic?

It does this by making any website or web presence go viral. How cool would it be if your own website or web presence could be used to generate more traffic itself 24*7 for FREE.

4) Can I use it for list building?

Yes simply register your landing page.

5) Can I register more than one website?

Yes you can register multiple websites. You can even do some neat things like split testing, profit sharing and automatically show visitors different sites depending on their location. This means that a local business such as a hair dresser could provide one offer for local visitors and a different offer for non local or international visitors.

6) Do I need to change my website to make it go viral?

No, you do not need to change your website to make it go viral. This means that it can be also be used by anyone promoting a website that they cannot edit including and affiliate site.

There are actually two ways you can make your website go viral.

Method 1) You just share a special viral website landing page link, in your marketing material. You share this link, just like you would share an affiliate link. It still displays your website but also makes it viral. This method does not require any changes to your website.

Method 2) Is to add a special viral banner to your website and by magic your website becomes viral.
7) Do I need to download an app?

No, everything is online, so it does not matter what type of computing device you use.

8) Is there anything else I need to buy, to use the Free Viral Traffic Generator Tool?

Obviously you need some form of web presence, this can be a website, blog, social profile or affiliate site. If you do not currently have an online presence you can create a FREE website or blog or social profile or use an affiliate site.

So if you have an online presence, you do not need to buy anything else to make this work.

9) When will it start working?

It will start working as soon as you have completed your website registration and started sharing your viral landing page links or banners publicly. You should share your viral links and banners anywhere you would normally have shared a link to your website providing it is not included in spam mail.

10) How quickly does the viral traffic build up?

Like any viral marketing system it tends to build exponentially and the more you share your viral links that faster your traffic will build. The more public places you add your viral landing page links and banners the faster your viral downline will build.

11) What happeneds if I get too much traffic.

You can control the traffic to your website at any time in steps from 0 to 100% in your settings page.

12) Can I change the website my traffic is directed to?

Yes you can change the registered website at any time in your settings page. All new traffic directed to your viral landing pages and viral registrations will then display the new website.

13) Can it be used with other marketing and advertising?

Yes, in fact when used with other forms of marketing not only can you get more visitors (you get your visitors from your marketing plus your new viral visitors) you can also reduce your overall marketing cost per lead or sale.


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