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How to videos / courses / products and services How to videos / courses / products and services - Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


I have not received my confirmation email

If you did not find your confirmation email in your inbox within a few minutes, it is possible that your email application has put it in another folder.

Some email applications put emails in Junk / Spam or Bulk folders if they do not recognise the sender or incorrectly filter your emails. If this happens check the other folder(s) your email application uses and white list (add to your address book or flag as not spam) on your email application.

What to do.
1) Firstly double check any other folders that your email application uses to save incoming emails such as Inbox / Junk / Spam / Bulk / Trash etc. to check you have not just missed it. Gmail is known to be a problem and will often put confirmation emails incorrectly into the Spam folder. If you are using a Gmail account and your Spam folder is not displayed try clicking on More in the list under the Compose button, then clicking on Spam.

If you still cannot find your confirmation email you can have it resent using the following procedure.

2) Go to the log in page here. As you have not received your confirmation email that will have included your initial password, enter the email address you used to register and click on 'Get a new password' button. This will send you a new password and as your account will not have been confirmed your new password will be included in a new confirmation email.

If you get the following message:-

Input error(s) detected
Please correct the following inputs and resubmit.
The email address / username provided has not been found. Please check it is entered correctly and try again.

Either you used a different email address (or had a typing error in your email address) when you registered. If you used a different email address to register please check the inbox etc. for that email account. If you may have made a typing error please use the contact us form and include your email address, first name and the date when you registered. We will then be able to correct your registration appliction.

3) Assuming your email address was registered, you will receive an email with a new password. Again if your email application did not put your email in your inbox within a few minutes, please check any other folders your email application could have sent it to.

4) After receiving your confirmation email click on the confirmation link first and save your new password then go to the log in page. Click here to log in.

5) Open your email application and check your inbox (and any other folders your email application could have sent it to) for your new confirmation email. Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your registration and activate your traffic.

Please note, if your emails are not sent to your inbox

If your email applictation did not save your confirmation/new password/other email(s) into your Inbox, please use the procedures for your email application to white list emails from us. This is sometimes done by adding our email address into your address book or marketing it as non-spam. Please follow your email applications instructions for full details.

My download page closed before I finished viewing/downloading the videos I ordered

If your download page closes for any reason before you have finished viewing/downloading the products you ordered, follow the instructions in the next section How to view/downLoad products ordered.

How to view/download products ordered

As soon as you have completed your payment you will be taken directly to a thank you page. If your order included one or more streamable/downloadable products, your thank you page will include a link (Download button) to your orders view/download page, click on it to display the download page.

If you do not wish to download to the device you used to place your order from or for any reason your download page is closed before you have completed your download please follow the following instructions to display/re-display your download page.

If you wish to view/download a streamable/downloadable product to a different device (i.e. not the device you used when you placed your order) or if the temporary download page has expired / closed or for any other reason you cannot view/download your product, follow the steps below.

Step 1
If you are not currently logged in, click here to log in. Note, if you have ordered a product but are not currently a member enter the contact email address you used when you placed your order and the password that will have been provided with your order confirmation.

Note, if you cannot find your password, enter your email address and click on the GET A NEW PASSWORD button on the log in page. This will email you a password / new password. Open the email and log in.

Step 2
After you have logged in. Hover over the YOUR AREA in the menu bar and click on the VIEW / DOWNLOADS sub menu item.

Step 3
Select the product you would like to view/download and then follow any on-screen instructions.

Browser download progress bars

Modern browsers include a download progress bar / download status display that will indicate the download status or a progress bar or both. On some browsers these are optionally displayed. The following screen shots indicate how to display the progress bar on different browsers.

Chrome progress bar
Chrome download progress bar

Firefox progress bar
Firefox download progress bar

Safari progress bar
Safari download progress bar

Where is my downloaded file

When you download a file from the Internet, the browser you are using will save the file into a folder that is generally called Downloads. The path to your Downloads folder depends on your operating system and computer set up. If you are unsure where your Downloads folder is please Google How to find downloaded files on followed by your device type (I.e. Mac, PC, iPad iPhone etc.). When you have located the download folder in Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) you can play the video by double clicking on the downloaded file. Note, if the downloaded file is a compressed (zip) file, double clicking will first extract the individual file(s) into a seperat sub folder. To play / view an individual file double click on it in your file viewer (Explorer / Finder).

Please note, if you stream a product it is not normally saved by your computing device in a permanent file (it is just displayed in a video viewer), the paragraph above only applies to downloaded files. If you need to download or re-download a product that is available as a download, log in if required and select the product you wish to view from the downloads page (your DOWNLOADS page is available under YOUR AREA after you have logged in).

To stream or re-stream a video, log in if required and select the product you wish to view from the downloads page (your DOWNLOADS page is available under YOUR AREA after you have logged in).

Copying downloaded files to a working folder

If you have downloaded a file(s) we suggest that you copy it/them from your download folder to a working folder where you can easily find and use it in future. While this is not required it is suggested.

For movie download files we suggest
We suggest that you create a new folder in your Videos / Movies folder (or where you keep your movie files) which is generally found in your Documents folder. We suggest you use the product name for the folder name and copy the downloaded file from your Downloads forlder into this folder.

To extract the user files from a downloaded zip file, double click on the downloaded (zip) file to extract the individulal file(s).

After extracting the user files, double click on the user file to open (generally a movie or pdf file).

Use the normal controls in your viewer to control the display (size, sound volume, play / pause and full screen display).

Navigating on mobile devices that do not support mouse hover

This site supports standard mouse / trackpad navigation. For touch screen devices tap in place of a mouse hover (i.e.On a menu item). If a single tap does not work to select, when tapping on buttons / icons on your device try double tapping.

Video file formats

Compressed .zip best for Computers and Laptops
For most computers and laptops this is the best option, where one or more files are downloaded in a compressed file. After downloading, you need to double click on downloaded file to extract the file(s) supplied. After extracting the individual files will be saved in a folder named with the product name. Open this folder in your Finder (Mac for users) or Explore (Windows PC users) and double click on the individual file to view.

.mov video files
These files can be played on either a Mac or PC and are the standard video file format supplied. If your computer does not support this file type please try using the MP4 video file format.

.MP4 video files
This is an alternative file format that can be provided if the standard mov video file format does not run on your computer. Please contact us if your device will not play mov files and the MP4 option is not available for the product you ordered.

Mobile devices
Some mobile devices including iPhones and iPads do not allow you to download, save and play videos (unless you use an app that supports this); they only allow videos to be streamed. If your device does not support downloading, saving and playing videos please use the streaming option.

Test video(s)

If you are unsure if our 'How to' videos will play on the device you are currently using, please hover (or tap on touch screen devices) over the video area below and click / tap on the play icon on the displayed video control bar.

Please note, there may be a delay of a number of seconds before the video starts to play as it downloads the video. The delay will depend on your Internet speed and could be more than a minute for slower connections.

If you have any playback issues please click here.

Short sample video for you to test our videos will play on the device you are currently using

Streaming playback issues (poor sound or video)

Playing video uses a significant amount of computing power and download bandwidth. Playback quality can be affected by bandwidth limitations, your computing device limitations, your browser and display software used. If you do experience problems here are some suggestions:-

  • If you are using a mobile device with a poor signal strength try moving to a better reception area.
  • Try using a different browser. We have seen sound issues with Firefox and changing to Safari resolved the problem.

Video display problems

Note 1 Videos, may take a few seconds (or more) to start playing depending on your Internet speed. If the video does not start playing on your device you may need to manually start it as follows:-

  • On a touch screen (mobile) devices Tap in the video area and then click on the play button / icon on the play control bar.
  • Other devices (computers/laptops) Hover over the video play area and click on the play button / icon on the play control bar.

Note 2 To display the video at your full screen size; on a computer hover (tap on a touch screen device) over the video display area and click on the icon with 4 rediating arrows.

Note 3 If you have a problem with the playback quality on your device please try the following.

  • a) If the signal strength or download speed is too low, try moving to a location with (or using) a better Internet connection.
  • b) Click on HD icon on the play control bar and select a lower or higher resolution. Try a lower resolution if you have sound issues or select a higher resolution if the image on your device is not clear.
  • c) If you have a sound issue that is not resolved by reducing the video quality (resolution) try using a different browser (it has been found that some browsers handle video sound better than others).

Note 4 If the video display area below remains black, you may have a problem on your device that could be caused by having too many web pages or applications running. This has been seen on Mac´s but may also apply to other operating systems. If you have this problem try closing everything that is not required and refresh this page.

Note 5 To change the playback volume either click on the vertical bars on the play control bar or uses your devices volume controls.

Note 6 The video display area is very small and does not use most of the width of the available space. This normally indicates that you have scripting turned off. Please refer to your browsers instructions on how to enable scripting or if your browser does not support scripting, use a browser that supports scripting and ensure that it is enabled.

Lost order

If for any reason you are unable to locate your order, please ensure that you are logging in with the contact email address you provided when you placed your order. If you used a different contact email address please log out and log in with the contact email address used when you placed your order. This will be the email address that your order confirmation was sent to.

If you have placed an order that is still not being recognised on our system, please contact us with the following information so that we can locate your order.

  • The contact email address you provided when you placed your order.
  • The Paypal account email address, if different from your contact email address.
  • Your order date.
  • The Paypal transaction number.

We will then be able to locate your order and provide you with your login details or resolve any order issues.

What are tracking pixels and why use them?

Tracking pixels are small bits of code that create a very small image that is generally not visible on the visitors device. They can be very useful and are frequently used to count visitors to a website page or email, but potentially can be used to provide more information.

By using tracking pixels you could for example know how many clicks you get to your Landing / sales page or how many convert into orders using a tracking pixel on an Order confirmed page. This data can then be used to determine what the percentage conversion rate is I.e. Orders placed / Total visitors to the Landing or Sales page * 100.

If using an intelligent advertising system (such as Facebook) that can optimise your advert placement based on the interests of similar known visitors; a custom audience can be created and marketed to. This can potentially improve advert targeting and therefore reduce marketing costs; so it can be very valuable (save you money).

With the new General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR), by law you need to get permission from the user to do a number of things related to Data Protection, which includes the use tracking pixels. In order to comply with this we provide a notification that the user needs to confirm before tracking pixels are used. While this is a limitation and reduces the speed at which custom audience data can be accrued it is still generally worth while to optimise your advert placement with the aid of tracking pixels.

How to add a tracking pixel to your Landing / Sales page or Ordered (Thank you) page

While there are multiple methods of marketing, some are obviously going to be more cost effective than others. Some may be very profitable while others may not even break even. The best way to evaluate how profitable a particular marketing method is, is to establish the amount of profit you make from each method. While some people refer to the profit margin others use the ROI (Return On Investment) ratio. For each product, an optional tracking code can be added to the Joint Venture Partner link. This tracking code allows you to automatically add a tracking pixel to either a Landing / Sales page or your Ordered by page or both.

In order to track the ROI (profitability) of a particular advert you should use a seperate code and tracking pixel for each advert source.

These step by step instructions relate to how our Joint Venture Partners can add tracking pixels to their marketing and thank you pages either to track their statistics or to build look a like custom audience.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Joint Venture Partner click here

1), The first step is to select the product you wish to advertize.

The products currently available for you to market as a Joint Venture Partner are listed in the Select an existing JV product section below and then click on the SUBMIT button.

2), after the screen has refreshed select a tracking id to add in the Select a new tracking id or select an existing id to edit. section. You should use a different number for each campaign so that they can be tracked individually starting with 1. If you select an existing tracking id, you will be able to add / edit information relating to this tracking id. When yo have selected a tracking id to use click on the Submit button to update the page.

3), next select which page you want the tracking pixel to be added to in the Select which page the tracking pixel will be added to section. This can currently either be Landing / Sales page or the Ordered (thank you) page. If you changed the page click on the SUBMIT button to update the page.

4), unless you will be adding multiple tracking pixels to a particular page leave The number of the pixel on the page in the Select which page pixel to add / edit section at 1. If you want to add a second tracking pixel to the SAME page then select 2 for the second tracking pixel etc. You can add up to 8 tracking pixels to a page. Press the SUBMITt button if you make any changes.

5), the next step is to paste in the tracking pixel code provided by the external provider (such as Facebook) into the Input the tracking pixel code fiend in the Tracking pixel code from Google / Facebook etc section.

For details on how to create a tracking pixel for the service you wish to use please currently refer to their instructions. For the common tracking pixel providers we will be adding detailed instructions shortly however this information is currently available on Youtube and other sources.

If the Input the tracking pixel code has some existing code you will be updating the tracking pixel for the selected combination.

6), finally, check the location under where your tracking pixel will be added.

If you are adding a new tracking pixel the location will be under the Add a tracking pixel to the following product, using the following tracking id to the Ordered page heading and the SUBMIT button will be displayed.

OR if you are updating an existing tracking pixel the location will be under the Update the tracking pixel to the following product, using the following tracking id to the Ordered page heading and the UPDATE button will be displayed.

How to create a Paypal business or parsonal account

Warning, do not use an email address that looks unprofessional such as HotLips@... or 12345@.... Not only does this look unprofessional but it will probably loose you sales, as buyers may think they are dealing with some one dodgy. Use your name or something sensible.

Note 1), You need a have separate email address for each Paypal account you have, so if required create a new email address from an email account provider such as Gmail if required. Creating a new email account is only required if you need another email address to register a new Paypal account.

Note 2), if you are going to be a Joint Venture Partner with our Joint Venture Partner Program we suggest you have a separate Paypal business account to make transaction processing and accounts management easier. Click here to create a new Paypal business account if required (Ensure that you register via their official website

Note 3), if you are personal usage (not business) you can create a Personal account.

Note 4), for detailed step by step instructions on creating a new email account or Paypal account please search the internet or refer to the supplier instructions.


If you have a query that is not resolved here or in the help pages, please contact us.

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