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Core workout with your personal trainer Daniela Vannucchi

Core workout


There are many groups of muscles in your core, including spinal and abdominal muscles, as well as your diaphragm and pelvic floor. The Core workout takes you through a program of exercises to develop your core muscles step by step.


Strong core muscles are vital for a good posture, flexibility, a flat tummy, spinal health, balance and even breathing and oxygenation of your body. As we age, our bones become thinner and our muscles degenerate, so it is vital that we maintain a strong core. Balance, in particular is important, if we are to avoid falls, hip and back injuries and pain. Strengthen your core muscles, improve your posture and learn to feel good about yourself.


This video course is supplied in 3 parts.
Duration 92 minutes (about 1.5 hours) of video.

You can view (stream) the video on your computer. laptop or any other suitable device (i.e. any device that supports video streaming, typically smart phones, tablets), as soon as your payment has been made.

In this downloadable 3 video course / exercise / routine by personal trainer Daniela Vannucchi, she takes you through how to build up your core muscles for that sexy look.

Streamed videos can be re-streamed for a period of 12 months from the order date. To re-stream a video simply log in and select the video you would like to re-stream.

Core workout with your personal trainer Daniela Vannucchi
Price each: $29.95

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