Turbo charge your sales with Google Adwords

Turbo charge your sales with Google Adwords

Do you need more sales? or
To improve conversions? or
To optimise your advertising? or
To reduce the time marketing takes?

This step by step video course takes you from beginner an expert Google Adwords marketer, to help you increase your profits.

SUPER CONSULTANT reveals his closely guarded simple secrets

At last-UK´s highest paid Google Adwords SUPER CONSULTANT reveals his closely guarded simple secrets for generating up to... $105k A MONTH! ... by UNLOCKING the little known Profit Potential of Google Adwords...

The techniques and methods he uses, will work for YOU from anywhere on the WORLD ... in this course we cover how YOU can do the same ... Starting Today!

The secrets of how to make life changing income ($105k plus a month) with Google Adwords are no longer in the hands of the big companies and online Gurus. They are yours to use and profit with TODAY.

Please read this entire message right away for a special limited-time offer.

Don´t miss this chance to peer inside a Google adwords genius´ mind as he reveals every sneaky but ethical Google adwords trick, tip, technique, and strategy...he´s ever uncovered or developed ... including the secrets behind his own $105k per month business from Google adwords.

Dear friend,

My name is Mike.

Mike Craig - camera in hand

This is me with one of my cameras. I love taking pictures of horses, action photography, technical photography and more. Over my career as an electro-mechanical engineer and decades as a software developer of applications for business, satellite communications, speech recognition, international stock market portfolios, optimisation, websites / web applications and internet marketing I would like to help you on your journey to success.

Knowledge is a key factor in life and learning the best way to do something can make all the difference between success and failure. The addage ´Do not reinvent the wheel´ is a good guide, learn from someone who has the experience and knows how to get the best results like Hemmel who is an expert with Google adwords. Using this online course you can reduce your marketing costs, increase your sales, thus increasing your profits.

One of the main problems most people have is not knowing how to succeed. Knowing how to do it is not difficult but YOU need to know how.

You may or may not know me yet, but that does not matter. Because this page is about YOU.

Even if Google Adwords has not ´worked´ for you in the past, using the techniques we will reveal will change your success.

If all that sounds interesting, then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read.

Here´s why:

In May of 2018 Google Adwords legend, Hemmel Amrania held a no holds barred, tell all seminar on how literally ANYONE can create life changing income from Google Adwords.

No matter what kind of experience you have,

No matter what knowledge you have of this ad network.

He calls it:

The Google Adwords Master Class

Well, let me tell you, he has revealed many astonishing secrets like:-

But that´s not all, what he really did was not just reveal some new secrets, He revealed EVERYTHING - I mean everything-he knows about writing killer, break-the-bank, money making Google ads ... including many secrets he never revealed before. (Secrets he previously kept to himself and inner circle of insiders and colleagues for years!)

He held the audience spellbound with a literal avalanche of Google Adwords, tips, tricks, strategies and techniques that ANYONE can profit with.

Hemmel is living proof of how Google Adwords can literally transform your business and generate revenue you never thought possible....

Even if you are clueless about Adwords, lost money on it, or have never used it before.

None of that matters.

Hemmel went...

From £2k to £80k in monthly income with these simple Adword strategies...

Now it´s your turn,

Discover the Money-Making Secrets of the UK´s Highest Paid Google Adwords SUPER CONSULTANT for 91% Less Than His Private Clients Pay Him...

Hemmel Amrania

The Google Adwords Master Class is the brainchild of Hemmel Amrania.

He used to be broke. Earning a poultry £2k per month.

Maybe you can relate.

He drove a run down, tatty looking old ford fiesta.

Today life is very different for Hemmel.

His Google Adwords knowledge has propelled him from £2k to a whopping £80k a month income!


Money is no longer a problem for him.

Knowing how to leverage the hidden potential of Google ads was the key to his success.

It´s the key to Your success too.

Coming from a science and engineering background- he has a unique insight into numbers, stats, SEO and Adwords, and is in the top 10% of Google Adwords marketers in the UK.

He has a talent for making Google Adwords simple and easy to understand.

...breaking it down into easy digestable chunks of highly profitable information.

Information you´re going to consume and profit with TODAY.

After struggling for many years with a variety of different businesses and making a measly £20k per year at most, Hemmel turned his life around with the secrets he discovered on how to make money with Google Adwords.

He´s going to share those secrets with you now.

He is more than qualified for the job.

Having grown his business from nothing to £80k a month with his Google adwords knowledge.

Hemmel will be revealing powerful, little known ad strategies he uses to make millions in annual revenue for his customers.


But Mike, isn´t Google Adwords just for big companies? - WRONG.
- Big companies are generally not efficient and do not use the strategies you will discover. You can actually outbid larger companies with the strategies you´re going to discover and get much cheaper ads.

But Mike, isn´t Google Adwords really complicated? - WRONG!
Hammel will break everything down for you and make it so simple your Mother could get it...and even make a healthy monthly profit!

But Mike, isn´t Google Adwords EXPENSIVE? - WRONG!
You´re going to discover how to use Google Adwords to profit from your products or service like no one else is doing right now. YOU can easily outbid bigger companies with deep pockets with your new found knowledge.

But Mike, No one clicks on Google ads...it´s all about Facebook ad´s right? - WRONG!

Google will do $40.08 billion in U.S. digital ad revenue this year while Facebook is poised to bring in $21.57 billion.
97% of that revenue in Google comes from ads. People are clicking on those ads. You just got to know how to capture and sell to that traffic. It´s easy when you know how.

The Super Secrets To Real Google Adwords Wealth! is for YOU if...

This Secret Closed Door Master Class changed lives forever...Are you next?

On May 6th and 7th of this year, a group of internet marketers, and business owners, both newbie and more experienced, gathered at a secret closed door event London.

It was a special experience for a select group of people who wanted to know how to unlock the massive profit potential inside Google Adwords.

They were sick of getting the same old results, losing money on advertising and not getting the income they deserved.

They were sick of seeing others make a fortune online and they wanted to know how it´s done.

As the Master class began huge shifts in people´s perception of the power of Google Adwords took place.

People began to realise what was really possible for them.

It´s ASTONISHING...That most marketers are only scratching the surface of what they can achieve with Adwords...wasting their time with Facebook clicks from people who look at pictures of cats and their ex´s and ´like´ stuff...as opposed to cashing in on LAZER TARGETTED GOOGLE SEARCH TRAFFIC.

Over the course of 6 HOURS they got unique insights about what was holding them back on Adwords.

Why they had lost money before...And how to make sure it does not happen again.

They learned how to tap into the full potential of this amazing ad platform and how to avoid the pitfalls that hold most people back when it comes maximising Google Adword´s potential.

They discovered little known Adwords cash secrets (used only by top ad Gurus) like:

No hype, no pitching, no BS

This was NOT your typical internet marketing course... There was just real actionable information you can start making money with today.

We dived deep.

People got incredible results.

Sounds dramatic I know- but knowing how to leverage the hidden power of Adwords injects the following into your life...

I know you were not in attendance on the days in question- and I don´t want you to MISS OUT.

I want to give you an opportunity to hear what went on in that seminar so you can change your life and EXPLODE your profits and potential too.

Would YOU like that?

Let me tell you about...

Something Astonishing that Happened...

Attendees saw how Google Adwords was like a treasure map to their success.

They discovered how VITAL it is for any kind of success in business. In fact, here´s


Reason #1 Google dramatically outperforms other advertising platforms including Facebook. According to CNBC News. "Google is still the digital ad leader". Its revenues are double that of Facebook. This year, the firm projects Google will make $40.08 billion in U.S. digital ad revenue, while Facebook is poised to bring in $21.57 billion.

Reason #2 Conversions are higher with Google. Google is search driven advertising. Google is more direct and effective than Facebook advertising. It´s laser targeted towards your audience and what they are searching for. Facebook ad´s are based on what people ´like´.

Reason #3 You get higher quality leads. Because of the search driven Google format... You get ´buyer´ leads looking for exactly what you are selling. Better than Facebook leads who just ´like´ and ´comment´ on stuff.

Reason #4 You can beat the big advertisers easily. With the tactics Hemmel will share with you...you will discover how, with some simple strategies and techniques you can easily beat the guys with the deeper advertising pockets out there...very often getting much lower bids at auction when you know what you are doing.

Turbo charge your sales with Google Adwords
Price each: $259.00

Why This Program Is THE Most Comprehensive Course Ever Created On How To Make a Fortune with Google Adwords

Other Adwords courses are usually just theory. Marketers just guess as to what works. They don´t really know.

They have no ´skin in the game´.

Hemmel has ´real world in the trenches experience´ of what really works. He has lost thousands of dollars making mistakes with Adwords at the beginning of his career, and can help you avoid the same mistakes.

He knows how to tweak each ad and setting to get mind blowing results.

Would you like that?

6 hours is all it takes to jumpstart your profits!

6 hours was all the time it took for people to completely change the potential and income levels they saw possible in their businesses using Google Adwords.

They realised the razor sharp targeted traffic from Google Adwords can transform any business when you invest a little time into seeing how it works...

Cause when you know how Google ads really work YOU can:

Never again will YOU lack direction and confidence with Google Adwords...Never will YOU fear losing money on the network ever again.

You will be blown away by the success YOU can achieve with this master class.

Now YOU can learn how to make amazing shifts in your business, income, and revenue,

Absolutely anyone can find success with Google Adwords Master Class

The men and women who gathered in London in May came from all walks of life.

Some had online marketing experience, some did not.

From 25 years young to 75 years young. They came from all types of online and offline businesses.

It just goes to show that:

The Google Adwords techniques you will discover are super simple to follow.

You can immediately start seeing breakthrough results in your income.

Results YOU think are incredible right now will become reality FAST.

How fast will YOU see the results from Google Adwords Master Class?

The tricks and tips Hemmel will show you can create an INSTANT shift in your profits.

Nothing compares to the powerful profit pulling insights Hummel will reveal to you that will...

Don´t try figure this out by yourself...

Sure you could go out there and try to figure out Google Adwords yourself.

But that could take months or years.

And a ton of trial and error.

Not to mention thousands of pounds / dollars...

Don´t do that to yourself.

You can piggy back on Hemmel´s 5 years of experience today.

You can avoid all the pitfalls and lost money he suffered.

You can jumpstart your success with Google Adwords immediately.

Just imagine what your business could be like when you become an Adwords Master...

I know right now you may be feeling lost, procrastinating...and lacking the revenue you want in your business.

You may lack drive and direction and know how to progress towards your goals.

It can drag you down-make you feel tired and worried, and leave you wondering why you´re doing it at all.

After you listen to the ´Google Adwords master class´

Things will change for you dramatically.

Picture it now...

How good will it feel to hand the cashier a massive cheque in the bank to lodge to your account?
...and know you can create these cheques at will with your Google Adwords knowledge.

Before you order- here´s a sneak peak at what you get inside the
Google Adwords Master Class Videos

Now you can use these simple highly profitable Google ad strategies too!

And there´s so much more like:

A Lot Less than half what the attendees had to pay!

The returns you can make on the Google Adwords Master Class are UNLIMITED.

Using the Laser targeted traffic of Google with your new found skills, you could easily make 6 figures and beyond with the right offer.

Maybe you decide to become a Google ads consultant and charge 10 companies $2k per month for your services.

That´s a six figure income too.

Hemmel himself is making £80k per month and he´s sharing all his skills and knowledge with you. Nothing is held back.

Even if you make half of what he makes that´s still £40k per month.

So how much would you expect to pay for a seminar like this?

Well, people paid £1997 to get a seat at the Google Adwords Masterclass.

You don´t have to pay that today though.

Act today and You´ll get the entire Master class seminar, every minute recorded on HD video, You can view immediately, and watch at home on any device...

And you get all this for just $259.00.

That´s an even $259.00. You watch the videos immediately. Waiting, simply order the course and use the log in details that will be emailed to you. No waiting on the post.

Does that still seem like a lot of money to you?

If so, consider these facts:

If YOU Want To Get In On This RARE
Opportunity, YOU Need to Act Now!

I urge you to act on this opportunity today,

Right now while it is fresh in your mind.

Two choices facing you now...

You can of course not pay attention to how valuable Google Adwords is in the market today for boosting your profits and business growth.


Click on the Add to Cart button below and learn how you can increase your sales and profits using Google adwords; using the techniques, tips and methods reveiled in this outstanding course

Turbo charge your sales with Google Adwords
Price each: $259.00

SUPER Google Adwords CONSULTANT reveals his closely guarded secrets everyone can use to increase sales

At last-UK´s highest paid Google Adwords SUPER CONSULTANT reveals his closely guarded simple secrets for boosting sales by UNLOCKING the little known Profit Potential of Google Adwords...

This online course is for anyone or any business with something to market ranging from affiliate marketers, sole traders, small - medium enterprises and even larger businesses or anyone involved in marketing or advertising.

The techniques and methods he uses, will work for YOU from anywhere in the WORLD ... in this course we cover how YOU can do the same ... Starting Today!

The secrets of how to make life changing income ($105k plus a month) with Google Adwords are no longer in the hands of the big companies and online Gurus. They are yours to use and profit with TODAY.

Turbo charge your sales with Google Adwords
Price each: $259.00

This video course is supplied in 4 parts.
Duration 263 minutes (about 4.38 hours) of video.

You can view (stream) the video on your computer, laptop or any other suitable device (i.e. any device that supports video streaming, typically smart phones, tablets), as soon as your payment has been made.

Streamed videos can be re-streamed for a period of 12 months from the order date. To re-stream a video simply log in and select the video you would like to re-stream.

Turbo charge your sales with Google Adwords
Price each: $259.00

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