How to create and Profit Your FB TRIBE

How to create and Profit Your FB TRIBE

How to create and cash in on Your Online TRIBE in 15 modules.

Are You Ready To Cash In On Your Online

Discover How To Create A Super Profitable Facebook Group (the right way) That Generates Life Changing Autopilot Income...And...Do it Over, And Over, And Over Again!

The internet has revived one of our most powerful, ancient ways to create wealth, power and influence-THE ONLINE TRIBE (or Facebook group)

Let THE UK´s LEADING EXPERT on building highly engaged, profitable Facebook groups show you her EXACT secrets and strategies for creating amazing automatic income streams from this platform.

This money-making info is normally ONLY reserved for clients paying 5 figure monthly consulting fees. You´ll kick yourself if you miss this...

How to create a Facebook group

Facebook Calls her, ´a recognised community leader and expert´

World famous entrepreneur and speaker, Daniel Priestley says: ´She is the only person I trust with my online community´

Richard Woods from ´the Apprentice´ gets her to speak at his Facebook events!

WHY? Because they all know she´s ´the real deal´ and no one else holds a candle to the results she gets with Facebook groups. And once you hear what I have to say about´ll know she´s the real deal too, when it comes to helping YOU build super profitable Facebook groups.

And most importantly, YOU are going to discover an already proven way to create money-making Facebook groups on par with hers, starting today, I know that may sound unbelievable...but keep reading and I´ll prove it to you.

(Note: these money-making Facebook group building secrets and strategies, apply to anyone in ANY niche who wants to use the awesome power of Facebook groups to grow their business, brand and income.)

Dear Friend,
Take a quick look at this picture below...

How to create a Facebook group

Does the name Claire Perry Louise ring a bell?

If not it´s understandable.

She´s not part of the main stream of internet marketers out there shouting about how to build Facebook groups for profit.

Most of these marketers have never built a successful, profitable Facebook group in their lives.

Claire is the expert the BIG GUNS of online business call in when they want advice on building a successful Facebook group.

She can show you how to make life changing income from Facebook groups starting today.

This information is normally reserved for Claire´s Exclusive high paying clients.They pay her a fortune for her knowledge because if you go by real results she´s at the very top of the field.

For example: here are some interesting facts that put her head and shoulders above virtually every other wannabe online ´Facebook marketing expert´ on the planet.

Interesting Fact no. 1

Facebook recently, officially recognised Claire as a community leader and expert when it comes to building PROFITABLE online communities like Facebook groups. They invited her to their offices in Dublin for the award. They also shared with her a number of their up and coming strategies for making Facebook groups even bigger and better.

Interesting fact no. 2

How to create a Facebook group

World famous entrepreneur and speaker, Daniel Priestley says ´she is the only person I trust with my online community´

Daniel owns the GLOBAL company DENT, dedicated to training and helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and make a real impact in the world. He appointed Claire Community Strategist Manager.

Interesting Fact no.3

International communications company Hire Logic flew Claire to their head quarters in Washington to ask her all about building successful online communities.

Interesting Fact no. 4

Richard Wood from The Apprentice fame uses Claire as his go to person for all matters related to community and Facebook groups.

She speaks at his events.

How to create a Facebook group

Interesting Fact no. 5

Claire has been in the community building space since 2013-having written one of the leading books on membership sites.

She has also spoken at multiple global speaking events about Facebook groups and shared the stage with people like Michael Coulson (a UK giant of internet marketing).

And all this leads me to a very important point...

Why Your Online ´TRIBE´ or Facebook Group Is The Real Secret To Online Wealth Creation

Whether you´re an Entrepreneur...Small business owner...Author...Affiliate marketer...Artist...Influencer...Online course creator...Voluntary sector person...Group leader...or Couch/consultant...YOU need to know how to BUILD A PROFITABLE FACEBOOK GROUP or ´tribe´ because...

The future of business is in community...

The future of business is owning your own ´tribe´ online.

If you´re reading this page-you probably heard this idea before, as you like to listen to bright forward thinking people who make this point again and again.

Global Experts like Seth Godin Agree too.

How to create a Facebook group

Seth Godin (the famous marketer) argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. He urges us to do so.

Claire is famous for coining the phrase, ´the future of business is community´ and Facebook agree with her and endorse her as an expert in this field.

The famous company Apple agrees with her too...having created one of the world´s largest online communities. Their whole brand is based on community.

The 'Apple tribe' are fiercely loyal to their brand.

In the coming years, community will become more and more important to any business.

Other businesses ahead of the curve like Yahoo have already built large communities around their brand and business.

Facebook is putting millions of dollars into developing the community and group side of their business.

You don´t have to do anything on their scale though.

Savvy people everywhere are setting up their own lucrative ´tribe´ in the form of Facebook groups around any niche, and monetising their Facebook group following for autopilot income.

You can do the exact same thing.

It´s almost as if...

Facebook is handing you a Blank Cheque

NEVER BEFORE in the history of the internet has there been a better or easier time to build a profitable community.

Make sure you do not regret missing this unique opportunity.

People just like you know Facebook is essentially giving you a blank cheque. ...a license to print money.

Let me explain...

They have given you the audience right there in front of you. I´m talking here about the billions of people who are on Facebook.

They tell you what these people are interested in and give you multiple ways...both free and paid to attract them.

And they provide you with simple to use software to set up a profitable Facebook group.

And they will even promote your group for you when you know how to set that up.

It´s like someone handing you a profitable membership site in a box.

You just got to fill in the blanks.

Believe me-it DOES NOT get any easier than this.

And there´s more...

Once you are using Claire´s methods to build one profitable Facebook group-you will go on to build more and more cash churning groups.

You just rinse and repeat the process.

Imagine the kind of income you could make with multiple groups bringing in cash 24-7!When you know how to set up profitable Facebook groups-you will be able to get:

More sales and revenue from That Know, like and trust factor

FACT: People buy when they know, like and trust someone. Building a Facebook group around your product or service is a great way to build that trust. Many savvy online and offline companies sell millions of dollars in products and services to their trusting fans inside their Facebook groups.

More sales and revenue from Authority

Running your own Facebook group is a powerful way to create the authority you need to stand out in the market place as an expert and get people buying from you.

More sales and revenue from Knowing what your customers want

One of the key rules of selling and marketing is giving people what they want. Facebook groups are an ideal way to get close to your audience and find out exactly what they want. And then you can sell it to them.

More sales and revenue from less advertising cost.

A Facebook group will grow organically which means it ultimately outstrips any advertising cost you have. Once you set up your group right-it´s like having free advertising for your product or service.

The bottom line is Facebook groups are a simple, easy, fast and accessible way for literally ANYONE to make money online these days.

All you need is a Facebook account to start.

The only trouble is ...

Most People Are Building Their Facebook Groups THE WRONG WAY!

Despite the massive opportunity out there today in Facebook groups for autopilot income...most people are NOT building their groups the right way.

Here´s a few of the mistakes they are making...

NOT STARTING RIGHT - starting your Facebook group right means starting with a particular question in mind...unless you know that question, your group can be doomed to failure. Claire will share that question with you.

NOT GETTING ENGAGEMENT - most people never get the engagement they need to build a successful Facebook group. They add people the wrong people and don´t progress in the right way to build a community. Claire will show you exactly how to grow your membership.

NOT LEADING THE GROUP FOR SUCCESS - Most people have no idea how to lead their group for success. As the group leader you have to take certain actions to create the kind of group you want. Claire will show you those actions.The sad fact is -many people build Facebook groups that are here today and gone tomorrow.

They are not set up correctly, are not run correctly and they do not last.

Which is a shame considering the massive profit potential there is in Facebook groups.

Claire´s way of building profitable group works because...

Claire´s method´s have SUBSTANCE...
They are not fake or fleeting

Unlike so many other courses out there on how to build successful, lucrative Facebook groups online...what Claire does-with the proper training-can be done by ANYONE. There are no x factors involved.

I know this to be 100% true. You see, before writing this letter, Claire sent me the recording of her exclusive course on how to set up profitable Facebook groups, normally reserved for her mastermind students. By the way...these recordings normally cost £1997, and because building community is so important to Claire-she normally only sells them to people she trusts. And she is able to charge and get that much because these the videos deliver.

For example-Claire recently received an email from one of her clients who watched her videos. The woman applied just ONE IDEA from ONE VIDEO and is now pulling in a 5 figure income from her Facebook group every month. Amazing.

Anyway-for one solid day I sat and listened to the videos. As I did, I became totally mesmerised. It finally became clear what it really takes to set up and run a successful, lucrative Facebook group.

The transformations Claire has created in people´s lives is astonishing.

She has taken rank amateur marketers, with no online community building skills or knowledge and by the end of watching the video of her training them, they were not just competent at building profitable Facebook groups...They were streets ahead of 99% of marketers out there.

The funny thing is- most of the people with little to no marketing experience outperformed other most seasoned marketers.

The transformations were amazing.

Everyone, I mean everyone, improved to a world class level when it came to creating lucrative Facebook groups at will.

The process Claire puts you through to create hyper engaged, profitable facebook groups is real. It works.

So why do Claire´s students get such incredible results? Why are her teachings on how to create amazingly profitable Facebook groups so different? A couple of reasons:

So much more than just a Facebook group expert

Yes, yes, Claire is an expert on building and monetising Facebook groups, but she is so much more than this. She is a COMMUNITY BUILDING EXPERT. This is important because ´community´ is what holds your group together and gets you the income you are after. NO ONE else is teaching this online or offline.

Let´s stop and think about this for a second

You´re smart - you know this makes sense right?

Don´t be sitting there next year knowing you missed this opportunity for automatic life changing income.

You owe it to yourself and your family to take advantage if this because...

Just one afternoon spent listening to Claire and:

Let me share with you now the

Claire Perry Louise Formula for creating profitable Facebook Groups

Inside the course- you will get 15 HD videos you can watch on ANY device.

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8

Module 9

Module 10

Module 11

Module 12

Module 13

Module 14

Module 15

Unlimited Income...Unlimited Potential...

Unlike any other way to make money online...knowing how to create profitable Facebook groups is THE lucrative online skill to have.

The income you can produce is unlimited,

After all- these groups tend to almost run themselves after a while.

There is NO LIMIT on the number of profitable niches you can create Facebook groups in.

What will you do with all that extra income?

Take more time off? Quit your job? Or just sock it away for a rainy day?

And please remember...

This is EXCLUSIVE information

What you are about to see in Claire´s videos is normally only reserved for her top clients.

...Clients that have Claire on 5 figure monthly retainers.

And now you are getting access to all the secrets of generating online cash ´tribes´ or Facebook groups they know.

There is no reason you cannot get the same results as them.

And best of all-You don´t have to risk anything to find out because of the...

It´s fantastic or it´s free test drive

Click the Add to Cart button right now.

How to create and Profit Your FB TRIBE
Price each: $259.00

You´ll be taken to a page where you can watch all Claire´s videos on building a profitable Facebook group.

Watch the first few videos in the sequence and if you don´t feel like this course has paid for itself inside 20 minutes...just send a quick email and you will be issued a refund immediately.

No hassle, no questions, no messing about.

That´s as fair as it gets. You must agree you are discovering mind blowing, money making information OR you don´t pay.

How can Claire afford to be so generous? That´s simple. You´d be a fool to not see the incredible value on these videos.

What´s more, it will never cross your mind to ask for a refund, you´ll be utterly astonished as Claire reveals one unconventional Facebook group building secret after another...and...Smashes to smithereens everything you ´thought´ you knew about Facebook groups, building online communities and monetising them rapidly.


You cannot learn this stuff alone

If you think you can go figure out how to build Facebook groups alone you are dead wrong.

You need a coach, someone who had been there and done that. Someone to guide you past all the trial and error and around all the blind spots when it comes to building highly profitable, engaged Facebook groups.

Claire is a great teacher. She has a unique knack for making highly profitable Facebook groups brain-dead simple to understand...even the deep psychological tactics of building lucrative online communities...and...And transferring her ability to her students.

I invite you now to simply test drive this course on building profitable Facebook groups and please remember...

You need to hurry- here´s why...

Claire likes to provide full support for all her students. That means I have to limit the number of people who can access this course. It´s being snapped up fast so you need to act now to avoid disappointment.

You owe it to yourself to give this a risk free chance.

How to create and Profit Your FB TRIBE
Price each: $259.00

PS - the instant successes you´ll experiences with Claire´s secrets for building profitable Facebook groups will be amazing. But more´ll take these secrets with you, applying them to one Facebook group after the other.

The edge you´ll have over other Facebook group builders and the money you will make over the next year with these strategies is truly mind boggling.

Likewise, you decide not to get these videos today, the increase in your life quality and income level you are going to LOSE is truly a WOW...too, I can tell you that many owners of super monetised and profitable Facebook groups can trace their income and success back to something Claire told them

PPs - A famous Facebook group marketer (a real guru you would recognise if I name her) remarked to me recently how bad the recent crop of Facebook group training is. This is exactly what she said. ´These people training people how to build profitable Facebook groups have so little knowledge in how to build a profitable community-they should be put on trial for Fraud.´

I can tell you this is not the case with Claire´s course. It´s better than 99.9% percent of anything similar I´ve seen out there on the market.

Just to be clear- this course is more a workshop than a course.

You are going to learn a skill, not just be lectured at. A skill that is already making millions of pounds for other people. I promise you this will be unlike anything you have encountered before.

How to create and Profit Your FB TRIBE
Price each: $259.00

Your FREE gift

Your free gift here is some free advice.

The bottom line is creating Facebook groups the way Claire does it is one of the most profitable, easiest, and FASTEST WAYS to make automatic, recurring income online.

So please- do not miss out on this opportunity.

The wisest man I ever met told me something I never forgot.

Most people are too busy earning a living to make any real money.

Don´t take as long as I did to find out he was right.

I know there may be some scepticism still.

After all- What you are seeing here goes against what your family, teachers and anyone else may of told you about making money.

I can only ask you one question...

How many of them are building profitable, highly engaged Facebook groups that give them autopilot income every month?

It´s up to you.

A month from now you can have your own online tribe giving you money-or you can just be 30 days older. You decide.

How to create and Profit Your FB TRIBE
Price each: $259.00

The 15 modules cover how you can create and profit from your own Facebook TRIBE in 15 modules including:-
Part 1 - Intro Video Claire Perry-Louise
Part 2 - Video Why FB Groups
Part 3 - Prepare for Launch
Part 4 - Setting Up for Success
Part 5 - Leadership & Values
Part 6 - Group Culture
Part 7 - Attracting Your Ideal Members
Part 8 - Business Impact
Part 9 - Secret Sauce to Engagement
Part 10 - Sparking Immediate Engagement
Part 11 - Growth Hacks
Part 12 - Creating Content for Engagement
Part 13 - Monetising Your Groups
Part 14 - Effective Community Management
Part 15 - Next Steps

This extensive eCourse includes 15 videos to take you from a Facebook marketing novice to an expert.

Streamed videos can be re-streamed for a period of 12 months from the order date. To re-stream a video simply log in and select the video you would like to re-stream.

How to create and Profit Your FB TRIBE
Price each: $259.00

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